Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Year Incorporated
As a town: 1761
As a city: 1891

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City Clerk
City Hall, Room 103
70 Allen Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Phone: (413) 499-9361

On-Site Resources

Historical Sketch of Pittsfield, by Frank W. Kaan Vintage 1885 article, originally published in Bay State Monthly, describes the founding and early history of Pittsfield. Illustrated.

The Old Pittsfield Church And Its Three Meeting-Houses, A Chapter of Evolution, by Mrs. H. M. Plunkett. Vintage 1893 article, originally published in New England Monthly. Article provides a history of the three sequential meeting-houses (churches) in Pittsfield. Interesting look at ecclesiastical history and touches on early issues regarding separation of church & state. Illustrated.

Off-Site Links

Official Pittsfield site

Pittsfield 1790 Census (Now Hinsdale & Peru.)

Pittsfield Profile (PDF Format). Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

Commonwealth Community Profile & Links related to the town including addresses of libraries.

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